Cheap Canon Powershot A3300

“Loaded with Features, Packed with Value. Easy to use, powerful A-Series camera has 16.0 Megapixels with a 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom (28mm wide) and Optical Image Stabilizer for capturing great images in a snap!” ~ General resume from the product manufacture.

Cheap Canon Powershot A3300

This is an excellent Camera. It turns on and is ready to shoot in about a second. And if you change the default image size from the huge 16 megapixel to something more commonly used in the real world (and you have a fairly fast SD card), you can be ready for the next picture in less then a second.

It’s sad to see so many people fail to understand this, and I’d say shame on Canon for not making this clear in their “start up” documentation. Even the CNET review pointed out it was slow writing a 16 meg file to the card (as would be expected), and my belief is CNET said that to chide Canon for not making it clear the setting should be changed to “what’s appropriate for your picture needs”.

Most people are not making Poster Sized Prints! And because of that, creating 16 megapixel images is a total waste of hard drive (and flash SD card) space, not to mention the time one has to wait for it to write it to the flash card (as so many have complained about).

Please take the time to do a Google search and read some of the freely available information on this subject. A 16 megapixel image is no more clearer then a 4 megapixel image on your 22″ monitor.

I hope that’s enough information to get people started to better understand this “megapixel” thing. The camera has the ability to write out a 16 megapixel image (yes that will be slow)… but the vast vast vast majority of us do not need this feature, it’s overkill to the max… It’s all the other features this camera has that make it a great choice!