2011 Best of the best laptop and notebook brands

Notebook is an essential accessory for work and entertainment has become. But now with all brands of notebook market, finding the perfect laptop and can be found. To help here is a brief summary of the top brands of laptops.

Acer is known for, but the best computer products based in Taiwan is also world-class electronic products such as PDA or mobile phone, as well as other consumer products such as computer-related products for servers and storage devices. Acer was not a household name in the United States with great success he desires his Acer announced a netbook line subcompact until 2008. Today, however, still is dominant in the market for cheap netbook are netbook in June 2010 launched high-end models.

The most popular high-end Acer netbook one of the sport a bright red Ferrari Formula One Ferrari dominates netbook and a distinctive “Ferrari Scudetto” logo is a high-end netbook boasts the following features:

• Ok, the keyboard for comfortable typing, even for a long time committee to establish the overall size.

Integrated Crystal Eye webcam PrimaLite technology to ensure clear images.

Dolby Home Theater sound and picture quality, the three generations of the company’s first notebook to see the movies and other content, a special viewing experience.