Honda Customer Data Breach Warning

Organizations around the world continue to ensure the security of customer information and business are facing the challenges of. Customer data breaches are threatening the reputation of the organization, but the error is bad for business information to affect the competitiveness of the organization can. Last American Honda Motor Co., Ltd. one of the major car companies for 4.9 million customers have reported the failure of the customer record. Risk of your name, email address, user name and identification number of the owner of approximately 2.2 million Honda vehicles, including the information. Acura E-mail address of the owner of approximately 2.7 million is committed.

Silverpop Systems – hacker accused of the service provider’s system, headquartered in Atlanta, e-mail violations. Silverpop Systems provides services to over 100 customers. Honda Warning McDonald, Walgreens, and follow similar warnings issued deviant Art. In this case, the police are investigating the incident. In general, computer forensics experts to trace the killer of employment training will be conducted.

These experts test to collect, collate and analyze data and evidence can be found on the perpetrators. However, many cases remain unresolved due to lack of evidence is. Cyber criminals can be identified, the organization for them to enter legally sued if the evidence has been carried out. Therefore, the computer system must be protected from tampering and manipulation. Organization registered in the computer forensic computer crime investigation process to improve their knowledge in the IT department staff may be encouraged.

Honda e-mail to all affected customers has been sent. The company also for password creation and maintenance has issued a warning. Customers who request personal information and authentication information must be careful not to respond to an e-mail. Often, the cyber criminals are smart to be from legitimate companies is designed to send a fake e-mail. The client’s customer relationships, business phone contact with staff by e-mail you can check the reliability.

When in doubt, e-mail and Internet users send e-mails from strangers should be discouraged. Cyber criminals continue their attacks are improvised. Therefore, the organization to ensure appropriate collection of evidence, the case management team should be. Case of the members of the management team and all the evidence of compliance with procedures for proper collection and computer forensics online training program will be moderated.