What Are The Different Genres Of Manga?

Not everybody grew up in world of manga, but knowing it and exploring its world is a great advantage when it comes to thrill and fun for reading enthusiasts.

Just like comic books, manga has genres too. There are horror, fantasy, and romance. However, these genres are usually not the focal point therefore they are just considered as sub-genres. Instead manga genres are determined by its main target patrons.

There are lot of Manga Series genres but there are only six (6) main types that are popular and has quite big enough readership. These are the following:

  • Shonen – the targeted population of this manga series are the teenage boys. It normally features action with main character or characters aiming for something.
  • Shojo – unlike shonen, shojo targets teenage girls. This genre is commonly considered as romance however, shojo doesn’t only depict romance but more of relationship exploration and emotions correlated to it.
  • Josei – if there is genre targeted for matured men, women on their 20’s and up need not to worry since there is also an available Manga Series for them. There is wide variety of stories and themes on this genre but generally it is more of mature storytelling about relationships and situations.
  • Yaoi – this is commonly called as boys love because literally the stories features on this genre are relationships and love between men. This genre is produced and created by women that targets adult women readership.
  • Yuri – similar to yaoi, yuri depicts homoerotic and homoromantic relationships between women. The only difference is that yaoi targets only women while yuri could be patronized by both women and men.

Both yaoi and yuri could be a little twisted than normal stories however situations and conflicts making it more interesting to targeted readership.