Same But Different: Automatic Locksmith Vs Door Locksmith

Locksmiths play an important role in our lives. Without them, the security of our homes and cars will always be weak. They install, fix, and replace lock systems to make sure that we won’t be robbed at all.  However, did you know that there are two types of locksmith in Kansas City?

Yes, that’s right. We have the auto locksmith and the door locksmith. Both have the same function. But what makes them different from each other??

A Car Locksmith                                                               

A car locksmith specializes in car locks and keys. They are well-equipped with knowledge on how to fix a state-of-the-art car locking system.  They are also equipped in dealing with older car models.  One of the best things about this locksmith in Kansas City is that can help you when you are stuck out of your car.  They are the ones that you call when your car locking system isn’t working. You can find more details on locksmith services on the site

In terms of keys, they can design keys to make it fit your new lock. Aside from that, they can recreate car keys that are no longer available in the market. If you want to look for a car key replacements in Kansas City if ever you lose yours. They fix your transponder chip as well as replace a locking system that will keep your car from carnappers.

A Door Locksmith

A door locksmith is someone who fixes your door whether it’s your home or your office. They specialized in both keyless and with key doors.  They deal with both mechanical and electronic works to ensure that your house or office is safe from burglars.

Just like the car locksmith, they also replace and make copies of lost keys. They also install and repair digital and analog locks. Aside from that, they also cater to other designs of doors such as sliding doors.

If you opt for the keyless locks, they are the ones who you can turn to and get advice from.

Regardless of which field, both two types share a common thing; that is to ensure that you are safe on the premises of your car and home.