Things You Need To Know When Applying For An O1 Visa Computer Scientist

Becoming a computer scientist, or any kind of scientist, is not easy. It will take years of study and hard work before you can be called a certified scientist. Even after becoming one, it will still be a non-stop learning because you need to prove that you are worthy of your title and profession. Since this profession is special, the US government allow special and talented computer scientists to work in their country and they are granted a special visa called O1 visa. This visa is temporary but renewable and can only be granted to people with extraordinary abilities.

Evidence is required before visa is granted

Since this type of visa is only offered for exceptional professional workers, if you are one of them, you need to make sure that you can provide the documents that will prove that you are entitled for the visa. Most of the professionals with the O1 visa have evidence that they have won awards on their inventions or abilities and they play a significant role in their field of expertise, and one example would be the Nobel prize. For more information on 01 visa for scientists click here.

As a computer scientist, you must also have evidence of a job description that is of higher level than others and with a huge amount of salary compared to others. If you can have these kinds of evidence to show, then you can surely be granted of the visa you deserve.

Features of the O1 visa

Once you have a visa, you can freely work in the United States legally. Initially once your visa is approved, you will be given three years to work legally. This is subject for renewal if your employer in the US would still want to hire you and keep you as an asset for them. Once you are approved of the visa, you are entitled to bring your family with you. Your kids will also be allowed to go to school in this prestigious country.