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    PCWinSoft is giving away free licenses of ScreenCamera, the virtual camera, desktop and webcam recorder software solution usually priced at $49.95.

    ScreenCamera is a life saver and a must have tool because once it is installed you automatically gain the gift of being able to share your desktop on video conference calls. ScreenCamera also connects to your webcam giving you the great solution of being able to share webcam and desktop screen together on a same conference call and in multiple applications simultaneously.

    ScreenCamera is a cool gadget because it is extremely lightweight composed of a tiny toolbar with quick access buttons that allow the user to reach the region of the desktop to share and record very intuitively and with no hassle. You can even zoom in and out on the mouse wheel.

    The toolbar is formed of a few buttons that get the work done: You find in the toolbar a button to display the desktop capture, another button to show the webcam video, another one that shows both desktop and webcam together in PiP (Picture in Picture), another button to capture the entire screen, another button to select and capture a region of the screen, another button to follow the mouse cursor around with automatic zoom on the mouse wheel, another one to capture a window, and one last one to capture a window exclusively in a way that It is the only window captured even if there are other windows opened on top of it.

    scrcammain1 [ GIVE AWAY ]: ScreenCamera, The software that transforms your PC screen into a webcam for FREE

    ScreenCamera is designed for minimal CPU consumption so you can have it open at all times: When you need it you can easily reach to it and use it and if you are not using it then ScreenCamera has a smart mode and it knows it is not being used so it stops consuming CPU cycles.
    ScreenCamera primary function is to record narrated tutorials of screen activity with the twist of being able to transform a narrated tutorial into a live screencast tutorial. ScreenCamera records the desktop in high definition and it is compatible with all programs and websites that work with webcams: Skype, AIM, Google Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, UStream.tv, BlogTV, LiveStream, and any other software or application that works with webcams.

    ScreenCamera can record movies inside media players and web browsers, it can capture images using keyboard shoertcuts, and it can record, stop, and pause using keyboard shortcuts so you don’t have to do it in the user interface making your work more productive. The video and images captured are also easy to have access to. And it is also important to give props to ScreenCamera’s scheduler which is very powerful allowing you to schedule up your recordings in any way timely possible.

    screencamera31 [ GIVE AWAY ]: ScreenCamera, The software that transforms your PC screen into a webcam for FREE

    ScreenCamera is a must have tool for everyone because it opens a windows in your PC for you to share your desktop with the World. Before ScreenCamera what you can share is your face, after ScreenCamera you can share your face and your desktop giving you a competitive edge over your competition in what video conferencing is regarded.

    ScreenCamera will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.

    To receive your free copy of ScreenCamera simply register here:



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